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Retail Education

Digital strategies to spread the good word of learning.

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Challenge: Drive leads and brand awareness from online channels.

Process: Establish optimized blog content, promote online & support with print.

Result: 500+% increase in digital conversions + huge spike in awareness in Canada (with bonus awareness across the United States).

Education Blog

We put the Kumon Canada Blog on the map. The goal was increasing brand awareness & conversions. Our team wrote the articles & handled the copy and design. Kumon has many blogs internationally, but the Kumon Canada blog continues to outperform them all.

Work Overview

• Digital: Content, Social, SEO
• Content: Articles, Print/Web, B2B
• Marketing: Planning, Research

Highlighted Results

➜ Web conversions up 500%
➜ Grew new customers 8%
➜ Web traffic up 200%
➜ Web Engagement up 300+%

Ringed Planet
Kumon Canada SEO

Through SEO best practices, performed a complete overhaul on all pre-existing Kumon blog content and all newly created content moving forward.

SEO tactics used include Keyword Research, Meta/File Optimization, Formatting, Images, Headers, Editing, Writing, & Link Building.

Detailed Blog Stats
500+% Conversions
300+% Engagement
250+% Traffic
SEO Key Results
  • Increased organic traffic by over 200%
  • Vastly improved search rankings for a variety of keyword groups
Print Advertising

Click the images below to see highlights of our print advertising design for Kumon Canada.

Kumon Poster 1
Poster 1
Kumon Poster 2
Poster 2
Kumon Poster 3
Poster 3
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