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Event Marketing

Taking a run-of-the-mill trade show and giving it wings.

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Challenge: Create & promote event for new company in just 2 months.

Process: Establish brand authority with content and promote event with digital partnerships, email and content marketing.

Result: 1000+ person in attendance & a huge spike in brand awareness.

Canada China Trade Conference

The Canada China Trade Conference (CCTC) was a trade show featuring speakers from prominent digital companies in China & international trade experts from Canada. Our team handled design of all event materials while planning & executing marketing for the event as well.

Promo Content

Email, posters, brochures, event materials, press releases, social content, blog articles

Work Overview

• Web: WordPress, Copy, Design
• Content: Blog, Print/Web, PR, Email
• Lead Gen: B2B, Email, Content
• Digital: Content, Social, SEO, Email

Highlighted Results

➜ PR efforts placed 10+ articles
(3 in the Vancouver Sun)
➜ Email averaged 40% open-rate
(plus a 15% click-rate)
➜ Executed 1000+ person event
(Canada China Trade Conference)

Orange Satellite
Richway Tech Blog

The trouble with being the new kid in town: nobody knows you. We were hired to shift that reality. One way we did that was through the Richway Tech blog using content like articles, event sites, web copy, white papers, email, social profiles & content.

Key Blog Metrics
+200% Web Traffic
+40% New Clients
+30% Brand Awareness
Promotion Metrics

Click the images below to see what kind results we drove with our digital strategies.

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Blog SEO
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Email Stats
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PR Stats
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